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Most men like to use the same type of razor to shave and so get frustrated when they need new ones and the store is out of their regular brand. This though today, is something that can be avoided and it can be avoided by joining https://www.bladebox.co.uk/or a similar service. This is a service that once you have joined, will send you razors of your choice, to your home, every month or as regularly as you sign up for. They will usually have several different razors to choose from and once you have made your choice, they will ensure that you get the same ones with each new delivery. This relatively modern service is only possible because King C. Gillette around 1900, invented the disposable razor, otherwise we would probably only have one straight razor which we had to keep sharpening. After first thinking of a disposable razor, it took Gillette 6 years to develop it and get it on the market with the help of MIT professor William Nickerson. The disposable blades became an instant success with more than 300,000 being sold in 1906 alone. Today of course Gillette is perhaps a household name but before his invention of the disposable razor, he was just another travelling salesman.

Up until that time or from the early 1800s at least, people had been using straight razors, ones with wooden handles which the blades could fold into but the first straight razors, invented by the French inventor Jean-Jacques Perret could not fold into the handle, they were mere blades with a wooden handle but they too were popular as they still allowed a man to shave himself without the need to go to a barber which had been the case before its invention. Going back in history many things had been used to shave with. The Egyptians would use circular bronze blades to shave their heads and during the dark ages, many would use shards of shells to shave.

Before even those though, before even blades of any type were invented, men still needed to shave and an example of this is found with Stone Age Man that lived during the last Ice Age. They needed to rid their faces of hair as the accumulation of water in a beard, when frozen, would cause the face to become frost bitten. This meant that these early men had to pluck the hairs from their faces. This was of course not too easy to do and so some would use clam shells to make the process easier but even then it must have been no mean task. From the time of the Egyptians first razors right up to the invention of the straight razor, men would be required to go to a barber for a shave and so often it was only the more wealthy that could afford such luxuries. Priests in the 11th century though, were ordered by the Pope to shave so that they would not be mistaken for Muslims or Jews.