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Selecting the right scope to use with your rile is very important and so you should not just go out and buy one which someone else has told you is good, you should look at several and then select the one which you are most comfortable with whilst still being capable of doing the task you want it for. Some scopes are excellent for use on the range but are not as suitable for hunting trips and so the use which you intend the scope to be used for is an important factor. Although some scopes can cost well over $1000 and are for the most part remarkably good, most of them are as expensive as they are because they have many different special features, often many of which you may not even use, depending on the type of shooting you intend to do.

Some scopes though, like the Vortex SpitFire Prism Scope have quality optics and yet only cost as little as $500. Although the Spitfire may not have as many special features, it will probably have as many as you would use on a regular basis. When choosing a scope, of course the quality of the optics is perhaps the most important but almost equally important, is the size and weight of the scope, especially if you intend to use the scope on hunting expeditions. Some scopes, although excellent, are large and heavy, sometimes weighing as much as 3.5 pounds and although that may not sound too heavy, add that to the weight of your rifle and you are certainly going to notice it before the end of a day’s hunting. Hunters will therefore go for a lighter scope and although at 12.2 ounces the Spitfire is not the lightest, as they can weigh as little as 9 ounces, it is far more suitable for hunters than most other scopes.

The Spitfire is also tough enough to withstand a full day’s rough treatment although some owners have confessed they would have preferred it to have been fully water proof instead of just water resistant. The Spitfire is made by Vortex Optics who although not yet as popular or as well-known as some other scope makers like Leupold or Aimpoint, it is an American company that is rapidly gaining a reputation for making quality optics that sell at reasonable prices, as displayed by the Vortex Spitfire. Even though someone that does the same type of shooting as you may recommend a scope, you should still look at several before you buy as personal preferences play a role in the buying of a scope.

You may prefer a cross-hair sight whilst your friend prefers a red dot type and scopes can have different eyepieces, some which you are comfortable with and others that you are not. Whilst looking at reviews on the internet could give you a good idea as to some sights you might like, there is nothing like the hands on experience to ensure you get the right one for you.