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Any fisherman whether they do saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing will have their own tackle box. A tackle box is the name which has been given to any box which contains a fisherman’s equipment, known as tackle. Although both a saltwater fisherman and a freshwater fisherman will have similar tackle boxes, the saltwater tackle will often differ from the freshwater tackle as they will be hoping to catch different types of fish.

The main piece of equipment for any fisherman is of course their rod, complete with reel and line but the types of rod that a saltwater fisherman uses and a freshwater fisherman uses may vary quite dramatically. One of the obvious differences is that the saltwater fisherman will probably be hoping to catch larger fish than any freshwater fisherman; their rods and lines need to be far stronger so that they will not break with the extra stress presented by larger fish.

Bait is the term given to something that will entice a fish to try and eat it as is a lure but the difference between the two is that bait is either live or is pieces of meat or fish which have been diced into small pieces and lures are artificial. As the bait or lure is supposed to appeal to a fish, different types of bait or lures are used to catch different types of fish and so the bait or lures which a saltwater fisherman uses could differ greatly from those which a freshwater fisherman would use.

A tackle box will therefore contain spare hooks, lines and usually an assortment of lures, plus a knife and a basic first aid kit in case of any cuts or scratches acquired whilst fishing. All the contents of any tackle box whether it be a box for saltwater fishing or one for freshwater fishing, can usually be obtained from just one specialist fishing store, locally or online.

Whilst it is always important to use the correct strength rod and line for the fish you intend to catch, it is equally important for a successful days fishing, to use the correct type of bait or the correct type of lure. It is also important to be fishing in the right place to find the type of fish you wish to catch. Usually a freshwater fisherman will know what types of fish frequent which parts of a river but with the sea, the fisherman may have to rely on the knowledge of the boat’s captain but either way, if you fish for a certain type of fish and fish in the wrong place, your day could be very disappointing.

Today it is easy to shop for all your needs for your tackle box simply by going online to a relevant website where you will probably see a far larger variety of tackle than you are likely to see in even the most discerning local hardware store. Most serious fishermen will keep their tackle box well supplied and have reserves in place for extended fishing trips.