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The New Gladiators

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What could be referred to as the new gladiators in sport, are people that battle against each other, not with weapons or not even with bats, balls or other apparatus, they use their bodies as the weapon of choice and brandish it to the limits of human endurance in what has become the latest sport, crossfit. Crossfit is a range of diverse exercises which have been devised to try and get the human body as fit as is possible. These are exercise regimes which were originally only used by Special Forces, elite law enforcement agencies and some martial artists. When it was seen haw impressive the results from these exercises could be, many workout enthusiasts started to use them in an attempt to reach the peak of fitness and when enough were doing it, they started to compete against each other and that is how it progressed until it became an officially recognized sport. If the training for this sport is so intense, it is perhaps easy to realize how intense it is as a sport. As with many other sports, wearing the correct footwear whilst training for crossfit is very important as wearing the wrong footwear for any sport can be dangerous in so far as it could cause foot injuries. The older sports of course have long had footwear that has been specifically designed for that sport and those are therefore the best footwear to use, regardless of the sport you are participating in. Now footwear manufacturers like Reebok and Nike have designed and started to manufacture shoes specifically designed for crossfit training. These as well as other sports trainers can be found at plus of course many of the sporting footwear outlets. As crossfit is so diverse in nature, the shoes had to be designed with care, ensuring that they provided support to the many different aspects the feet would come under pressure from during the training. With the introduction of this sport, it has bought a sport which any workout enthusiast can aspire to. Of course most workout enthusiasts, prior to the introduction of crossfit, would not undergo such a ruthless and punishing exercise routine that crossfit demands but if fitness is what they are looking for, a crossfit routine will certainly provide that. The aim of crossfit is to bring the body to the height of fitness, a fitness that is at the limits of human capabilities. A competitor in crossfit will there have to be not only fit but also strong and have a great deal of stamina and one of the ways they achieve this is to not stop training as the pain hits but instead, continue on through the pain in order to reach the next level. Strength is also a part of crossfit and so along with all the other exercises, weight lifting is also part of the training. Any modern day gladiator will therefore have to have exceptional fitness, strength and stamina and to be the winning gladiator will probably mean they are the fittest person on the planet.